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Standard Wheelchair
Standard manual wheelchairs are suitable for short-term usage. Most hospital use it for in-house patient as tires are more suited for roads with little to no bumps or constrictions. They have 18 inches seat with fixed arm rest and leg rest . Their larger back wheel allowed user to self-propellable, ...Show More
Lightweight Wheelchair
Lightweight wheelchair is characteristically made of light metal which makes it weighs less (≤14kg). They are easier to carry onto public transport or lift into the car boot. They require minimal effort to be self-propelled by the user and have handrails attached to the outer upper part of the se...Show More
Commode Wheelchair
A commode wheelchair is a chair that can used as a toilet and having big wheels to make them easier to move around. They often comes with removable bucket that can be emptied when full. They have wider seat range from 18 to 27 inches which suitable for bariatric user.
Travel Wheelchair
Travel wheelchair are lighter (7-11kg) among all and designed with small wheel which require caregiver to push the chair. They are portable, and you can easily fold into a carry, compact package wherever you go. Excellent choice for a short travelling. They come with additional safety features such ...Show More
Reclining Wheelchair
Reclining wheelchair will transform the user from sitting position to a close lying down position which helps to reduce pressure on buttocks and allows the user to take a break from same positioning. Users who have difficulty in keeping their heads stable or those with poor neck control can also ben...Show More
Electric Wheelchair
Electric wheelchairs are battery-operated wheelchairs that propel the user forward by use of controls. A motorized wheelchair like this resolves the issue of fatigue as well as disabilities that restrict the use of manually operated wheelchairs. Users of powered chairs can go further without tiring ...Show More
Electric Hospital Bed
Electric hospital bed is  typically superior in how easy they are to use and the amount of adjustability they offer.The head, feet and bed height are completely electric functionality operated using a remote control by the person lying in bed or outside of the bed by a caregiver.
Manual Hospital Bed
Manual hospital bed is a bed designed for medical care that uses hand cranks for changing the level of the bed as a whole and for adjusting the head and foot sections of the bed. The bed needs to be operated by a person at the foot of the bed where the crank is located. So, the patient or caregiver ...Show More
Electric Nursing Bed
Luxurious home care nursing bed is ideal for clients who require right mix of advanced features and beautiful, home-like design. It offers five adjustable functions by the press of a button. Unlike other beds (Max capacity : 170kg ), it has greater capacity support up to 240kg.
Hospital Bed Mattress
Hospital bed mattress specially designed to meet the needs of a functioning hospital bed to prevent damage to mattress and for easy storage when not in use. It is water-resistant and comes with air vents to prevent heat trap. In addition, user can apply air ripple mattress on top of PVC mattres...Show More
Nursing Room Aid
Nursing room aid needed to provide convenience and functionality in a healthcare setting or at home. They often comes with wheel which assist individual with physical limitations or injuries to perform their daily tasks independently .
Oxygen Therapy
Oxygen therapy, or supplemental oxygen can help people get enough oxygen if they can’t get it on their own due to lung disorder or others breathing issue. Healthcare providers will prescribe oxygen therapy when oxygen levels tested with pulse oximeter drop below 88%.
Nebulization turning liquid medicine into a very fine mist that a person can inhale through nebulizer mask or mouth pieces and this will allow the medicine into respiratory system where it is needed. It is good for infants' or children's asthma medication. It also helpful when you have trouble using...Show More
Suction needed to removes mucus and secretions when a person unable to clear with coughing. It often happened to elderly, infant or critical injury .This is important in helping to open airway so can breathe effectively.
Spare Part & Accessories
Respiratory care device like oxygen concentrator require a regular filter change to maintain desired oxygen flow. Changing tubing such as oxygen mask, nebulizer mask is a straightforward process that promotes optimal treatment and user safety. All spare part and accessories for respiratory care can ...Show More
Folding Commode
Folding commode consider as commode chair without wheel. It can be fixed height commode chair which commonly used as bedside commodes for those who are bedridden or experience difficulty getting to the bathroom. While height adjustable commode chair can used as raised toilet seat for individual who ...Show More
Wheeled Commode
Wheeled commode chair can benefit users with minimal mobility who regularly need assistance from a caregiver. It can easily be moved from room to room and some made by aluminium even function as transport or shower chair.
Multifunction Commode
Multifunction commode chair added features allow for even more customizability to meet your own unique needs and sit comfortably. Such as commode chair with walker and patient transfer commode chair.
Crutches can be used as single or a pair.  Using crutches can help keep weight temporary off from the injured leg , assist with balance and enable to perform daily activities safety.  It requires upper-body strength thus active individual who suffer with short term one side ...Show More
One Hand Support
Walking cane provide a third point of contact with ground that improves balance. Now it modified with wider bases that enhance stability. Individual who is struggle with one leg weakness and require one hand support to keep balance for smooth walk.
Two Hand Support
Walker is the most stable mobility aids because they have four legs. Individual who is struggle with balancing due to both leg weakness / back issue and require two hand support for safe walk. It can be come with or without wheels, depending on what is more comfortable for the user. 
Shower Chair
A shower chair is a portable seat and it usually has height adjustable aluminium legs with rubber suction cup  which safe to place in water for shower.  Some might have side handles for extra grip and support to make it easier to get up and down from the chair. It is very useful to provide...Show More
Grab Bar
Grab bar, a secure safety device that looks like a railing with non-slip surface and ergonomic grip that could prevent falls. Install grab bars in bathroom so we won't reach for towel bars , sliding glass doors or other unstable fixtures when need extra support.
Bedpans & Urinals
Regularly urinate and have bowel movements able to prevent other health problem from occurring but when an individual who have an illness, injury, or surgery that makes him or her not able to walk to bathroom , bedpan or urinal are needed for toileting in bed. Caregiver will be quick respond in assi...Show More
Comfort Sleeve
A simple sleeve of tight, spandex-like material that slide over the limb to hold the joint together through gentle and firm compression. Good choice for those with weak joint to prevent injury.
Therapeutic Graduated Compression
It also known as compression stockings / anti embolism stockings, are specially made sock that fit tighter than normal so able to squeeze gently legs . Wearing them helps improve blood flow and reduces swelling in legs. They can also lower chances of getting deep vein thrombosis ...Show More
Stabilizer & Support
A support with / without stabilizer that can be adjust the fit using velcro straps which offer compression to alleviate inflammation as well as stability to keep the joint in place. In additional , strap type such as Patella strap and tennis /golfer elbow strap applies pressure directly on...Show More
Pain Management
Alternative no pain killer treatment for managing pain by using equipment that able to reduce the pain, and inflammation associated with injury or overexertion. It included the hot / cold therapy which is simple, affordable, and relatively low-risk treatment can be performed in own home to provide r...Show More
Exercise Management
Exercises can help improve muscle strength and coordination throughout the body. These can include muscles used for balance, walking , breathing and even swallowing. With the proper equipment and application that can be done in comfort of own home, it helps to improve quality of life ...Show More
Edema Management
Edema occurs when fluid builds up in tissues, often in feet, legs and ankles which can cause pain, weakness, and limited range of motion. Edema can affect anyone, especially people who are bedridden, pregnant and adults age 65 and older. By wearing compression stockings, edema can be reduced by...Show More
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